Monday, November 23, 2009

Thoughts onToldot 5770, in Haiku

Isaac, Rebekah
Embittered by foreign wives
Had the same idea:

Send Esau afield
Bless Jacob while he's away
Bupkis for Esau.

Isaac was deceived:
He was expecting Jacob
Thought he got Esau

Isaac was relieved:
The voice, the voice of Jacob
Ears did not deceive.

Isaac was afraid:
Conflict was not his strong suit
Esau had returned.

Could not tell the truth
To Esau, the son who hunts
"We don't like your wives."

Esau overheard:
"Take no foreign wives, my son."
Then he understood.

Had Esau been told?
Was the expectation set?
What if he had known

Not to marry out
If only they had told him
Leah might be his.

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