Monday, April 13, 2009


First night: Fleishig.

I made Lamb Tagine; it came out good. The recipe is long and complicated and I did not follow it. I used fresh ginger, whole cloves, whole toasted Cumin and forgot the saffron. It still came out good.

MM made a Persian Onion Soup from Olive Trees and Honey. This was a parve soup, and would be served both nights. It got rave reviews, sort of a French Onion Soup meets AvgoLemono kind of deal.

BM made a Potato Casserole, also from Olive Trees and Honey.

JK made Matzoh Ball Soup and a flourless chocolate torte.

SS Brought much more chocolate.

With RK and צב"ע there I had a nice full age range. I like this, it's a way to fulfill the commandment ושננתם לבניך on Other People's Children (seeing as if I had kids, they would probably end up feral).

Night 2 was dairy.

I did a yam and spinach casserole with Korean flavorings. MM did the Persian Onion soup and a braised leek and tomato dish, LR brought a Feta-Kale pie with a Quinoa crust and for those who wanted it JK's Matzoh Ball soup gave a reprise performance. LP brought a veggie plate.

This was led from the concise family Seder, and everyone present was an adult.

In some ways, both sedarim almost caught me unawares, even though I was hosting them.


sharona said...

Glad you had a nice seder :)

The holidays are a nice time where we can be with family and friends. plus, there's the lessons that are within.

It is really beautiful. The mitzvot that Hashem gave us, help us to bring positive energy to the world, like when we light Shabbat candles before sundown Fri evening, or are there for others in someway, and so on. We don't see it, but the spiritual energy we all create is there :)

Of course on the flip side, we can also create negative energy in this world, like when a person hurts someone in someway, or strays from mitzvot like kashrut, etc.

We share a similar sentiment that
Hashem is our loving Parent Who wants what is best for us, and wishs to give up pleasure. That's why we have Torah,Mitzvot & Prayer so we can connect to our Parent. And just like a parent, G-d also wants us to be careful to not spiritually hurt ourselves.

sharona said...

> with aveirot

Anonymous said...

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