Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chanukah: Beyond Sufficiency

Our Rabbis taught: It is incumbent to place the Hannukah lamp by the door of one's house on the outside; if one dwells in an upper chamber, he places it at the window nearest the street. But in times of danger it is sufficient to place it on the table. (BT Shabbat 21a)

I first encountered this image two years ago, and it moved me to tears. Mine is an analytical mind, and the urge to comment is strong, but I think this picture speaks for itself.


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Anonymous said...

I followed you here from LJ - after reading a post you made today. Your writing style made me laugh and I wanted to know a little more about you.

Your religious journal intrigued me. I taught for 9 years at a private Jewish school.

I have not ever seen the above picture. It took me a minute to look at the exterior part of the shot.

When I realized what I was seeing, I was so moved. What an incredible image.